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SusannaHopkins added a reply in discussion Do you like playing different ... 1 month ago

Hi Molly how old are you? Why asking such queer questions? If you already turned 18 you can view this source and check out the list of selected casinos and their perks for newcomers. Like the topic starter I like blackjack and although this is not a pure game of chance I still consider myself lucky in it....

SusannaHopkins added a reply in discussion Do you use the help of paper w... 1 month ago

And why the question? Are you a student? Or are going to open the writing company? Much will depend on your goals. My humble opinion signals me that we should outsource to affordablepapers all that is a hindrance to our main study. For example, if you study nursing, and your math teacher asks you to solve an equation with a triple integral. As for ...

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SusannaHopkins added a reply in discussion Investment advice... 1 month ago

If I were you I would rather gain some more practical knowledge first. For instance you can register here and exchange some really small BTC amount. Then you can buy one lottery ticket. If all goes well, you can buy another and so on. But if you invest huge lump sum into crypto without experience, I don't envy you really....

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