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Anabell added a reply in discussion What are the features of dog c... 3 months ago

The dog needs your affection and love. For dogs it is important to choose the right nutrition, vitamins. Bathing and combing the wool is also an element of care. For bathing, choose a shampoo according to the breed of your dog. You have to walk with the dog on the street. Whatever the dog picked up on the street fleas pick up a collar for the dog....

Anabell added a reply in discussion How to choose a quest?... 7 months ago

The variety of quests is simply amazing. Their storylines can be completely different. This is also a big plus, because everyone is looking for something “his own”. The time spent in the escape room is fascinating. Emotions received during the quest will remain in memory for a long time. The organizers are trying to think through every little thing...

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Anabell added a reply in discussion Is it good idea to start onlin... 7 months ago

Agree. Business is now being developed only online. Pay attention to logistics...

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