Your beautiful baby is already here! Pregnancy is behind you, and now your new life begins. You are a mother, and that is a huge responsibility! Load up on patience and energy – you will need both! But load up on love too, because you are going to be giving and receiving a lot of it as well. Is there anything more rewarding than your baby smiling at you or grabbing your finger for the first time? 

Get ready for a lot of new experiences: your whole world is going to turn around your baby and you are going to be flooded with nappies, baby bottles and toys.

At the beginning, your newborn baby will mostly eat and sleep. Breastfeeding is the best option for your baby, as breast milk is the perfect food for him: it provides him with all the nutrients he needs and has an extra of antibodies and protection that will make him stronger. However, baby formula is a perfectly valid option as well!


You are not alone

Caring for a baby is a tough job, and you will need all the help you can get. Count on daddy and the baby’s grandparents, and go to our forums to get extra help from expert mummies. From Captain Mums, we also try to ease your path a little bit with a lot of helpful information. Check out our series of articles on baby milestones month by month to learn what you should expect from your baby as he develops: teething, crawling, walking and the first words are some of the basics of your baby’s development. Remember that each baby follows his own pace. Don’t stress if he’s a late bloomer in some of them!

We also provide information on some important and common baby problems, such as baby colic or separation anxiety. Read on to help your baby through them and to live them with some peace of mind.

Watching your baby grow is priceless and you should enjoy every moment with him. He will soon become a toddler!

baby diarrhea

As a new mum, baby diarrhea can become one of your worst enemies. Bowel movements are part of our nature and, when it comes to newborns, it's even more necessary to identify which kind of stool you are dealing with.

baby constipation

Most people don’t like to look at, talk about, or even think about poo. You’re probably used to it if you have a baby! And since we are, too, here’s our little guide on how to deal with baby constipation.

5 month milestones

Rolling over by himself, saying his first words or making his first attempts at crawling are some of the 5 month milestones that will captivate you. The fascinating process of getting to know your newborn continues with the 5th month!

baby poo

When you decide to have a child, you know that baby poo will become a fact of life. You already know to expect loads and loads of nappies... But just how often do babies poo?