baby's first christmas

Your baby's first Christmas is one of those moments that will be engraved in your mind forever.

There's nothing like a baby to turn such a festivity into something even more special. You probably still remember your parents' faces full of happiness when you were little and it was time to open your Christmas presents. Well, you are finally on the other side of the picture, and you'll soon realise that your baby is the best gift you've ever received. 

Spending this festivity with your baby for the first time will become one of the initial chapters of your family history. Thus, it's a great opportunity to make it unique by being creative and starting a tradition that may last for many years... or forever! Do you need any suggestions for your baby’s first Christmas? If so, keep reading!

1- Bring Christmas home...

The best way to start enjoying your baby's first Christmas is by bringing it home. How can you make Christmas happen? Well, it's time to hang up ornaments, decorate the Christmas tree and play Christmas carols, which your child may find amusing. Even though he's still so little, your child may already get caught up in this glowing, colourful and jolly atmosphere.

2- ...Or take your baby to it

Besides letting the Christmas feeling invade your place, you should also take your baby on a trip through the streets of your town, probably gorgeous during this time of the year. Think about the places that look the most enchanting for holidays, like the typical store that displays a big smiley Santa, the enormous Christmas tree located downtown or the fancy house that, year after year, boasts about having the best Christmas decorations.

3- In your baby’s first Christmas, don’t forget to visit Santa! 

Take advantage of such a 'Christmas tour' around your town to visit Santa. It will be the first time that your baby hangs out with the most famous white-bearded man on earth. Obviously, your child will have no clue about who that portly man in red is, but sure you'll get the chance to take endearing pictures of them that you'll want to show everybody. You could actually use them to make your baby's Christmas cards!

4- Create a handmade stocking

Are you good at cross-stitching? If so, why don't you introduce your child into Christmas by creating a handmade stocking for him? On the internet, you can find a wide range of lovely patterns to work on, in case you need inspiration. If you don't want to make it from scratch, go and get one that serves the right purpose: a good size for holding trinkets or bigger gifts.

5- My first Christmas with classic holiday books

Is it December yet? If so, it's time to replace the stories you may be reading to your child with classic Christmas books that you can re-read throughout the whole month. The Polar Express, The Night Before Christmas or an adaptation of A Christmas Carol are win-win options for your child to grow up with every year. Along with such books, you can do the same with cartoon and Christmas films.

6- Dress him up! 

Another fun tip to try during your baby's first Christmas is to dress your baby up for the occasion. You can pick cute baby-Santa costumes, turn your child into a little Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer or aim to nativity referents. If you want to make it extra fun, put on a costume as well and take cool pictures of the two of you (and Dad, of course, if he's willing to be playful too!). That way, you'll have more material to make a baby's first Christmas photo album.

7- Throw a baby Christmas party 

As you are going to be attending lots of celebrations, the idea of hosting an extra one may sound overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. If you have friends who have become new mums recently as well, you can organise a baby Christmas party with the babies and their parents. Have the little ones wear a Santa hat, crawl around and 'socialise' while they play with Christmas-y stuff. It can be a good excuse to hang out with you friends and decompress from the pre-holidays stress.

Planning fun activities to do during your first Christmas with a baby can be very entertaining, but you should also focus on other aspects regarding such holidays. For example, how you are going to fit so many celebrations into your 'baby schedule' or which measures you are going to take to prevent any accidents: making sure your baby doesn't play with toys and ornaments that could be dangerous for his age (with small pieces or glitter) and watching the entries of the house you are staying at (are the windows locked? Is the door to the balcony closed?).

Finally, let's say again that you have many options to make your baby's first Christmas unforgettable, but a lot of it has to do with your level of excitement. The more motivated you are, the better it'll turn out!