baby room temperature

Maintaining the ideal baby room temperature is important for your little one’s health, safety, and quality of sleep.

It’s extra important to pay attention to this because babies can’t tell you when they are feeling too hot or cold like adults can. Also, babies and young children are more fragile than adults in two ways: they are more susceptible to illness, and they also get dehydrated much more easily. So keep reading to learn all about the specific ideal room temperature for baby for every situation.


Baby room temperature during the day 

You’ll want to keep the baby room temperature as stable as possible during the day. The ideal room temperature for babies during the day is between 18 and 23ºC (or 65 to 74ºF). If it looks like your little one is too hot or cold during the day, try using layered clothing instead of adjusting the temperature within the home.


Baby room temperature during the night

Room temperature for babies at night should be a little bit lower than during the day. Typically, between 18 and 21ºC (or 65 – 70ºF) is best. This is because your little one sleeps more deeply and peacefully at a slightly cooler temperature. If the room temperature is within this ideal bracket, be careful with your use of blankets. You don’t want him to get overheated!


In summertime

Just as the rules are a little different between night and day, the different seasons require some special considerations as well. In the summer or warmer months, make sure not to overcool your home with air conditioning. You don’t want the room temperature to fall below 20ºC (or 68ºF), so many experts recommend keeping the thermostat at 22ºC (72ºF). If you live in a cooler region, you can leave the windows open as long as the temperature isn’t expected to rise above 21ºC (70ºF).


In wintertime

Just like in the summer, you have to be careful to keep the room temperature for baby stable. In colder months, be sure to close the windows if the external temperature is below 18ºC (or 65ºF). If you set the heater in your home for as high as 23ºC (or 74ºF), it should be just right to maintain the perfect baby room temperature.


During bath time

You probably already know that the bathwater should be around 37ºC (or 98.6ºF) for your baby. Room temperature also should be considered, though. Don’t forget that your little one will lose a lot of body heat very quickly when he’s wet, so you should try to keep your bathroom a little on the warmer side, but still within the safe bracket of 18 – 23ºC.


Tips and tricks for keeping the ideal baby room temperature

In addition to using the air conditioning and heater, as well as layered clothing, to keep your baby at a safe temperature, keep the following tips in mind:

  • You can feel your baby’s ears and chest to check that he is not too warm or cold
  • Don’t keep the crib right under the window or in direct sunlight
  • Use different types of blankets with varying thickness
  • Keep the room ventilated for at least 5 minutes everyday. If the weather allows it, this can be with the baby inside. Or if it’s too hot or cold outside, do this while the baby is in another part of the home.
  • Choose soft lights (like a nightlight) that won’t affect the temperature of the bedroom.