baby milestones

Your baby’s first year is a real adventure full of baby milestones – every little thing is brand new and exciting!

Obviously, you can’t get enough of him, since he’s cuter every day! During this first year, your baby will learn all the basics to become a little person: before you know it, he will be running around while calling you ‘mama’!

Check out the baby milestones your little one will be achieving during his first year. You can click on the links to read the detailed articles for every stage of baby development and learn about all the baby milestones your munchkin should be reaching, month by month. In these articles, you will also find useful and detailed information about size, food and sleep milestones, so you can make sure that your baby is growing up healthy and happy.


Baby milestones from 0 to 6 months

During the first 6 months, the main baby milestones you will be enjoying (and you sure will enjoy them!) with your little one go from crying to smiling and laughing, from grabbing your finger to holding his head – and we better not forget about the first incoherent syllables and even the beginning of teething!

  • Newborn babies’ milestones: The poor thing just did one of the hardest things we all do in life: the passage from the womb to the real world! There is not much we can ask to newborn babies, but the doctors will run all sorts of tests to see if everything is fine, like the apgar score, for instance.

  • 2-weeks-old newborn milestones: Like we just said, going from the safety of mummy’s uterus to the outside world is a huge step, so your baby will be needing some time to adjust. However, he will be able to recognise and even react to your voice!

  • 1 month old baby milestones: You may think your baby is not doing much yet, but he’s actually mastering in the reflexes he learnt in the womb, like sucking, palmar grasp or the Moro reflex.

  • 6 week old baby milestones: Among many other baby milestones, your little one smiles, coos and reacts differently in front of strangers. Crying is still his main form of communication, but things are changing!

  • 2 month milestones: at this stage, your baby observes everything and smiles back at you! He’s not able to hold his head just yet, but you can help him making him do some exercises.

  • 10 week old baby milestones: At this point, you’re probably able to discern between your baby’s different ways of crying. He will also communicate with you with other signs and parts of his body.

  • 3 month milestones: It takes a while for your baby’s sight to be fully developed, which leads us to one of the most important baby milestones so far. At this stage, your baby’s sight is almost as developed as and adult’s! He’ll also start putting everything in his mouth.

  • 4 month milestones: Your baby’s social skills are expanding, so he’s now able to distinguish himself and everything he sees. He will try to grab everything at hand and his drooling will increase. He’s finally able to hold his own head while sitting!

  • 5 month milestones: Your little one is still pretty clumsy, but his motor skills are quickly developing. He’s now able to roll without help and to pedal in the air, and also picks up objects and passes them from one hand to the other.

  • 6 month milestones: At this point, your baby is able to sit up by himself, and is also aware of things existing even outside of his vision range. Also, it's time to start weaning if you didn't do it before!


Baby milestones from 6 to 12 months

From 6 months old, you’ll see how your baby’s sleep patterns are more balanced – you may be able to sleep more at night, but that doesn’t mean you will have time to relax! Crawling is one of the main baby milestones you will be observing now, which means that you’re going to have to watch your little one quite a lot!

  • 7 month milestones: The baby milestones your little one is reaching now show you how much he’s growing! He’s able to understand basic commands or what “no” means, and he’s teething if he hadn’t started yet. He’s also able to stay on his feet if you help him!

  • 8 month milestones: Your baby is now able to show emotions, and his babbling may start making sense – watch out for the long anticipated ‘ma-ma’ or ‘da-da’. He’s probably crawling too!

  • 9 month milestones: Your baby’s mobility is improving day after day. If you help him by grabbing his hands, he may even be able to walk a few steps.

  • 10 month milestones: Your little one’s communication skills are improving a lot, and besides understanding simple commands he’s also able to identify objects with words – and will also say them himself!

  • 11 month old milestones: Your baby knows who he is now, but he’s also able to recognise the words that refer to him and to others. This is also helping him develop empathy.

  • 12 month milestones: He’s able to walk now, which is one of the baby milestones that separates babies from toddlers. He will also sign quite a lot, especially when he’s not able to say what he wants and becomes frustrated.


At 12 months, you’re technically not the mummy of a baby – you’re the mummy of a full-grown toddler! He will be walking soon (if he hasn’t started yet, which is also possible), another important baby milestone! Check out the development milestones your toddler will be achieving from now on: it’s better to be prepared!


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