9 month milestones

Your little one is entering the last part of his first magical year of life. Get ready to see him achieving the 9 month milestones, which will both amuse you and make you take extra precautions.

At this point, his safety is the most important thing on your mind. He's become an authentic 'explorer' that wants to reach the most unexpected corners of the house. As a 'crawling machine', he won't hesitate when it comes to seeking his favourite toys or getting one of your sweet kisses. Adapting the house to his new motor skills is now mandatory, because before you know it, he'll be taking his first steps... That if he hasn't already started!

Take a look at the 9 month old baby milestones, so this stage doesn't catch you unaware.


9 month old milestones: Look at this fatty! 

By the 9th month, your baby is just simply adorable. He's been growing up strong and healthy, and you just have to look at him to verify it. At this age, babies are a little bit chubby, as if they were made out of rubber and as if nature, always wise, had prepared their bodies to prevent all the physical impacts they are going to suffer. One of these impacts might be yet another growth spurt, since, on average, this is when the last of the expected baby growth spurts will take place.

Your baby should now weigh around 9 kg and be 70 cm high. However, remember that every human being develops at a different pace, and the average is just a reference!


9 month milestones: Defying the laws of gravity

The 9 month milestones are full of surprises. Your child is becoming a curious toddler that will want to touch and experience everything. He may even respond when called, which means he's enhancing his connection with the world and people around him and, at the same time, he's becoming aware of who he is.

There are several 9 month old baby milestones that you will want to keep a close eye on. The following are the most remarkable ones:

  • Mobility. Either crawling (now he's a pro at this), brushing his body on the ground or walking with an adult's help. He may even use the furniture of the house to propel himself.
  • Pointing at things
  • Clapping hands
  • Changing objects from one hand to the other
  • Keeping his back steady without any support. He also sits by himself
  • Looking for a fallen object with his eyes.
  • Playing hide-and-seek with you, especially by closing his eyes
  • Speaking his first words. Yes, he'll finally pronounce the exciting 'ma-ma'!
  • Recognising his name (often, but not always).
  • Feeling nervous and anxious when you are not around.


9 month milestones: Give free rein to your imagination

As your little angel grows up, you can keep adding new things to his diet, which by now is starting to be pretty complete. In the 9th month, you should already be giving him vegetables, most kinds of fruit and meats, such as chicken, rabbit, lamb, beef and turkey. These days, you can also try feeding him legumes, like lentils, eggs (especially, boiled yolk) and fish. 

Don't be afraid of giving him bigger pieces of food. You can blend/mash it less than usual, so he can start getting familiar with new and exciting textures! It's time to experiment with new food combinations and flavours that you can have fun making, and he can have fun eating. You can even let your baby suck on a piece of bread, fruit, or a cookie until it softens. Your days of food restrictions are mostly over! However, avoid adding any sugar or salt to your little one's food. There are also some doctors who recommend leaving common allergens, such as peanuts, out of the diet until one year of age.


9 month milestones: Night-time adventures

Although his mealtimes and diet are becoming more regular, don't expect the same for your little one’s sleep patterns. Unfortunately, sleeping through the night isn't one of the 9 month old baby milestones. It will still be normal for him to wake up several times during the night and cry.

As a good mum, you surely already have a solid bedtime ritual that includes a bath, lullabies, or maybe massages. You'll need to continue this, but it may get a little bit trickier. Part of the 9 month old baby development is a great increase in curiosity and desire to explore. You may find that sometimes it is difficult to get your little adventurer to quiet down for sleep. Just remember that being calm, patient and loving is the key to settling him in for the night.


9 month milestones: Time to visit the doctor

Another of the 9 month milestones is the check-up with the doctor. There are several important things he will take a look at:

  • Height, weight and head circumference, which he will compare to the averages for 9 month old baby development
  • A total physical exam to check for any abnormalities with eyes, ears, heart and lungs, mouth, body, head, belly and genitals, and hips and legs
  • General muscle tone
  • Any potential vitamin deficiencies
  • Any vaccines or immunizations that were missed; now is also the time to get the flu shot if it's flu season


While the 9 month milestones are important for keeping track of your baby's growth and development, don't forget to stop and enjoy this fun and exciting time together—although you may not be able to catch him because he'll most likely be crawling around and exploring something! His energy and curiosity are sure to provide you both with lots of entertainment, and also safety hazards! Now that he can open and close drawers, climb and crawl, or hit his head on furniture edges, you'll need to be extra vigilant. As long as you keep your eyes peeled, you and your little explorer should have many (safe!) adventures together.