Trying to get pregnant can be a stressful process, so a good way of easing up the path is recognising the early signs of pregnancy.

Being pregnant is such an amazing and unique journey and you will want  to live your pregnancy, week by week, to the fullest.

Discussing baby names is one of the most entertaining tasks when preparing for the baby’s arrival – and one of the most difficult ones, too!

So, you’re pregnant! There’s a lot to think about, but first things first: Find out your due date with our pregnancy calculator!

Now that you're in the last stages of pregnancy, you must be so excited for seeing your baby's face for the first time. How will those first 24 hours be like?

Your baby’s first year is a real adventure full of baby milestones – every little thing is brand new and exciting!

If you are about to become a mum, you may already have decided between breastfeeding and formula feeding.

Baby colic is an affliction that can make your first parenting months harder than expected.

October is here, and with it, CaptainMums’ new issue of our free magazine!

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It’s the beginning of September, and that means that CaptainMums’ free magazine is here!

July is here, and with it, CaptainMums’ new issue of our free magazine!

The pregnancy test, that moment of truth all future mummies yearn for and fear. But when is the best moment to take it?

How to get pregnant is probably not a secret for you. However, you can increase your chances with CaptainMums’ tips for getting pregnant!

You want to have a baby, so you’re reading about ovulation kits, ovulation calculators, fertile windows… But what if you have irregular periods?

Getting pregnant with PCOS: Is it possible, or should I start coming to terms with the fact that I won’t be able to be a mother?

Over the last few years, researchers have worked on identifying signs of autism in toddlers. Getting an early diagnosis of such a mental condition may be essential to minimise its effects in adulthood.

Your little one is not a baby anymore, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop looking for development milestones!

Your gorgeous toddler is changing so fast! Before you know it, he is going to reach the 15 month old milestones, another fascinating stage in a toddler's development.

The 18 month old milestones will surprise you by just how much your toddler is able to grow and develop in a matter of weeks.

As bad as it may sound, kids have their own way to coerce you: pestering. “Mum, I want this! Please, please, if you don't buy it, I'll cry”.

As a parent, you need to understand the importance of healthy snacks for kids, as well as how to use these 'mini meals' to ensure that they get all the nutrition they need.

Fussy eaters can wreak havoc with mealtime. As they grow up, kids can feel like not having a bite to eat, which can be really frustrating.

Past the most innocent stage of your baby's life, you will probably have to face kid swearing.

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BekahLLB added a reply in discussion 36 weeks 5 days pregnant ... yesterday

I've read raspberry leaf tea is meant to bring on labour, as well as your usual sex, lots of movement (bouncing on a birthing ball, going for walks etc) and everything else that's pops up on google! I'd only recommend ignoring the hot curry method, there's meant to be nothing behind it and can just cause further discomfort! Of course I've to be...

BekahLLB added a reply in discussion When would I be due ... yesterday

You'd be due approximately 12th June - but you can google a due date calculator and when you have your first scan, they'll be able to determine it in stone for you congratulations btw!...

BekahLLB is now ranked up to New Member... ! yesterday
BekahLLB added a reply in discussion Being pregnant 24 weeks ... yesterday

Hiya love! I had this as well, and has stayed with me right up to this moment (34 weeks and counting!) and baby is still growing strong, so try not to worry too much I'd mention it at your next midwife or hospital appointment or ring the NHS hotline (111) - they'll be able to tell you pretty much right away if you need medical attention and soo...

Hey everyone...I am currently 20weeks pregnant and it's my first...I am constantly having sickness but I don't throw has become my... Show more

BekahLLB Hiya love yesterday
BekahLLB Hiya love! Try not to worry too much (nausea plagued me up until about a week ago, now it's heartburn haha!) so long as you keep your fluids up,... Show more yesterday
Stammers added a reply in discussion Feeling awful ... 2 days ago

Hope it goes away.

Mybabymybaby added a reply in discussion HELPP... 3 days ago

What a nan. Lol... She's probably in the best position to tell/show you what you are doing "wrong" why don't she come for a visit to your home and show you what she does to put him to sleep. It may be something as simple as the choice of socks she puts on your baby or the sleeping position. If she however can't get the baby to sleep in your home th...

Alexismulroy started a new discussion Being pregnant 24 weeks ... 3 days ago

I am getting pain at the bottom of my belly and I don't know what to do...... I am 24 weeks pregnant and it my first baby...

Crissy1512 added a reply in discussion HELPP... 3 days ago

Hello Babies are more difficult with their parents because they know that we can t resist earing them crying!! You can try many things.. like put cerelac in his bottle, record your voice while you are singing... He is foing to cry for sure but when is going to understand that you are not going to cime as before he will stop!

hi ive got a 10 year old and am due to have a little girl in a few weeks both got different dads am not with either of them getting worried now

Reka22 started a new discussion Bleeding while pregnant... 4 days ago

I had sex yesterday and i started bleeding but this is brown and its not alot is this normal...

Tracey 1986 started a new discussion When would I be due ... 4 days ago

Hi if I'm 5weeks6days gone when would I be due...

mumtotwo started a new discussion HELPP... 5 days ago

so we have a 10 month old son who wont sleep through he isnt hungry because we make him bottles and he just refuses he screams the house down hes clean full and just wont sleep he stays at his nans and shes always saying he sleeps through and making comments like 'oh you are clearly doing something wrong'...

nicknick added a reply in discussion Trying For Baby Number 2... 6 days ago

Good luck and positive cycling...

Kirstylpu260388 added a reply in discussion baby formula... 6 days ago

Hi. I'm currently expecting my second baby and plan to mix feed this time round (half breastmilk&halfformula). Using formula is entirely an individuals choice. You shouldn't be frowned upon for making that decision. You have to do what's right for you and your family. I am I Neonatal nurse and yes I would recommend breast/Breast milk if your baby d...

Jamster10 added a reply in discussion My bump hasn't grown... 7 days ago

I wouldnt worry to much im 21 weeks pregnant with twins and i am very small people are saying to me "Oh your very small for twins" its head wrecking but once everything was ok at scan dont be painicing on my first child i was also small

Jadewatson98 added a reply in discussion My bump hasn't grown... 7 days ago

I'm 21 weeks pregnant and my bump is still tiny it's nothing to worry about as long as your baby is healthy and they say their growing properly it's all gonna be fine x...

hayleysmumma16 added a reply in discussion baby formula... 7 days ago

my 5 weeks old little girl is formula and breast fed. She lost a lot of weight at the start because bf babies do as your milk takes longer to thicken up. Personally I'd advice anyone to feed for the first 3-7 days that way the baby gets all the good milk!But I don't see the issues wi4h formula at then end of the day as long as baby's happy and not ...

Noeleen35 added a reply in discussion baby formula... 1 week ago

I did both in breastfeeding fed when possible but if there was someone visiting I would have gave a bottle...

Cococameron19 added a reply in discussion morning sickness... 1 week ago

I am 26 weeks and still get morning sickness, mines USB getting better now but you'll get there, it's all for a good purpose as we all get a beautiful baby at the end of it x...

Shayshay added a reply in discussion Feeling awful ... 1 week ago

I had my lil girl 5 months ago and it only got severe back and leg pain but get a execerse ball and im trust me it will help when ur in labour u forget about thing apart from bringing a baby into the world... added a reply in discussion baby formula... 1 week ago

I initially said that I would like to breast feed but couldn't for medical reasons but tbh I'm delighted I didn't. I was very sick after my baby was born so being able to get somebody else to feed was great. It is very much a personal choice and you should never feel bullied into it, do what feels right for you. Becoming a new mum is stressful enou...

Shayshay I couldn't breastfeed as I didn't produce breast milk and I still don't 1 week ago
MakittaT shared a photo. 1 week ago

The day I found out I was going to be a mum

Savannah_iesha added a reply in discussion morning sickness... 1 week ago

Hi I'm 22 and having me first pregnancy I'm 31weeks today and have had morning sickness through out my second night third trimester It varies depending on the person. B cuz my mom had no morning sickness wen she had me . Neither did my best friend...




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