Trying to get pregnant can be a stressful process, so a good way of easing up the path is recognising the early signs of pregnancy.

Being pregnant is such an amazing and unique journey and you will want  to live your pregnancy, week by week, to the fullest.

Discussing baby names is one of the most entertaining tasks when preparing for the baby’s arrival – and one of the most difficult ones, too!

So, you’re pregnant! There’s a lot to think about, but first things first: Find out your due date with our pregnancy calculator!

Now that you're in the last stages of pregnancy, you must be so excited for seeing your baby's face for the first time. How will those first 24 hours be like?

Your baby’s first year is a real adventure full of baby milestones – every little thing is brand new and exciting!

If you are about to become a mum, you may already have decided between breastfeeding and formula feeding.

Baby colic is an affliction that can make your first parenting months harder than expected.

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The pregnancy test, that moment of truth all future mummies yearn for and fear. But when is the best moment to take it?

How to get pregnant is probably not a secret for you. However, you can increase your chances with CaptainMums’ tips for getting pregnant!

You want to have a baby, so you’re reading about ovulation kits, ovulation calculators, fertile windows… But what if you have irregular periods?

Getting pregnant with PCOS: Is it possible, or should I start coming to terms with the fact that I won’t be able to be a mother?

Over the last few years, researchers have worked on identifying signs of autism in toddlers. Getting an early diagnosis of such a mental condition may be essential to minimise its effects in adulthood.

Your little one is not a baby anymore, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop looking for development milestones!

Your gorgeous toddler is changing so fast! Before you know it, he is going to reach the 15 month old milestones, another fascinating stage in a toddler's development.

The 18 month old milestones will surprise you by just how much your toddler is able to grow and develop in a matter of weeks.

As bad as it may sound, kids have their own way to coerce you: pestering. “Mum, I want this! Please, please, if you don't buy it, I'll cry”.

Fussy eaters can wreak havoc with mealtime. As they grow up, kids can feel like not having a bite to eat, which can be really frustrating.

Past the most innocent stage of your baby's life, you will probably have to face kid swearing.

Your little one is about to go through his first day at school. Can you believe it? He was just a tiny baby not so long ago!

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MummaPanda has a new profile cover. yesterday
Jen_D796 added a reply in discussion Which formula is best?... 4 days ago

The worst one is aptamil my little girl and a few other babies I know got really bad constipation and reflux with it. I would say SMA is the best one....

Attitude45 added a reply in discussion Baby... 6 days ago

It would normally go at 12 weeks but I'm 18 weeks now and am still sick all day everyday Iv got hypermesis which is constant sickness hope it eases for you if it's really bad go to your doctor and she will help you if it's hypermesis that you have just drink plenty fluids and lucosade sport has got all the electrolytes ur body needs to keep hydrate...

Sianan1998 started a new discussion Baby... 6 days ago

I'm ten weeks and I get very bad morning sickness when will it stop ??...

nicknick added a reply in discussion Ivf/ICSI... 2 weeks ago

Sarah- congrats. A friend of mine has just undergone her treatment at Invicta and got pregnant. Yes, her cycle has been emotionally and financially draining. Jeanette Burrows- great news. Wish you every health and happiness with your pregnancy xx...

Janetom added a reply in discussion Which formula is best?... 2 weeks ago

Hi, do you mind if I ask which autoimmune disease affects you and is it due to autoimmune suppressants that you have decided not to breastfeed. I'm also a FTM to be with an autoimmune disease. X...

Kellie.gafner started a new discussion Which formula is best?... 2 weeks ago

Hi ladies, I was looking for some advice-I know it is a little early as I am only 10 weeks, but I like to be prepared. I will be unable to breastfeed due to an autoimmune disease therefore I have no choice but to bottle feed and I wondered which is the best for newborns? I am so confused about all the choice ...... added a reply in discussion Pains... 3 weeks ago

Try not too worry too much, I'm pregnant with my third and been having pains across my stomach starting from below my ribs and going round to my back. I never had these with my other two pregnancys but the past few days after the pains were worse I now have a shaped bump. It's your body adjusting and changing shape xx...

Anneli1986 started a new discussion Not feeling well :(... 3 weeks ago

I'm 32 weeks pregnant and get nauseated and sick and also have bit of cramping , should I be alarmed , does anybody else get that ?...

CherDavis96 started a new discussion Pregnancy Flutters... 3 weeks ago

Hi mums and mums-to-be. I'm currently 12w2d with my rainbow and I was wondering if it's normal to feel light flutters this early? I know it's not my stomach rumbling or bowel movements as it feels much much different to them I'm pretty sure it's flutters. I'm quite slim normally and this is my second pregnancy after losing my first at 10 weeks that...

Mumtobekym added a reply in discussion morning sickness... 3 weeks ago

Depends on you I'm 25 weeks and only just stopped morning sickness it can last throughout the whole pregnancy but normally stops around 20 weeks...

Luckova added a reply in discussion Trying For Baby Number 2... 3 weeks ago

Hiy normally it take about 3-4 months to get pregnant......

Beth_jord added a reply in discussion Hip and back pain... 3 weeks ago

I'm 17 weeks and had the same problem the midwife told me it is because the baby goes through its biggest growth spurt between 15-20 weeks and you stretching causes pain on you back and hips because of strain and pressure but it is completely normal!!...

Saramummy2be added a reply in discussion Pains... 1 month ago

I've had this and had to have an early scan as they thought I was having an a topic pregnancy but it just turned out to be me suffering from constipation. Maybe it could just be something's to do with that x...

Sotanis added a reply in discussion Pains... 1 month ago

I've been having the same problems. I'm 9 weeks and 3 days. I also never had this with my first but we keep guessing that it might just be something to do with the fact that I have been diagnosed with endometriosis. I'd like to know if there could be any other cause x...

Good morning

Babymilner Hi I'm 7 weeks pregnant, I started spotting 4 days ago n it's stopping and starting but isn't getting any heavier. I rang my nurse and she said it... Show more 1 month ago
Lmcd05 started a new discussion Pains... 1 month ago

Hi am 10 weeks pregnant but constantly in alot of pain in ma stomach av no bleeding n friends say it b ma stomach stretching for baby making room but it was never this bad with my first baby an am just scared something's wrong...

xxrazzaxx All pregnancies are different the more children you have the more noticeable pains,kicks ache are more noticeable. Unless your bleeding and in pain... Show more 1 month ago
Babbikatiex added a reply in discussion My baby bump... 1 month ago

Everyone's different, I'm having my second baby and didn't show till around 26 weeks with both, but don't worry u will show soon enough and put on all the bump you need, some people don't carry much water so takes longer to show x...

_bethanyleigh has a new profile cover. 1 month ago
Harris1991 started a new discussion Hip and back pain... 1 month ago

I'm getting alot of back and hip pain over the last couple of weeks and it's starting to get more frequent. I'm only 16+4 wks. Has anyone else experienced this so early? And is it something I should go to the midwife/ health visitor/ doc with?...

Sinead95 started a new discussion Carpatunnel ... 1 month ago

Hi all I'm 24 weeks pregnant on my first baby and suffering very bad with carpatunnel ( bad pains in my hands and arms and pins and needles ) has any one any ideas to ease the pain?...

charjade I have that. Best thing to do is get a splint 1 month ago
Susie85 started a new discussion Placental insufficiency... 1 month ago

Hi All, I am at week 22 and the baby looks 2-3 smaller. Doctors said I have a placenta disorder and the baby does not get enough nutritions. It is very early at this stage of pregnancy, as the baby is about 250-300 gr!! Grows really slowly. I am very worried now because I don't want to lose the baby...does anybody had similar experiences? How ...




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