Trying to get pregnant can be a stressful process, so a good way of easing up the path is recognising the early signs of pregnancy.

Being pregnant is such an amazing and unique journey and you will want  to live your pregnancy, week by week, to the fullest.

Discussing baby names is one of the most entertaining tasks when preparing for the baby’s arrival – and one of the most difficult ones, too!

So, you’re pregnant! There’s a lot to think about, but first things first: Find out your due date with our pregnancy calculator!

Your baby’s first year is a real adventure full of baby milestones – every little thing is brand new and exciting!

If you are about to become a mum, you may already have decided between breastfeeding and formula feeding.

Baby colic is an affliction that can make your first parenting months harder than expected.

Heat rash is an eruption on the skin caused by overheating and a small dysfunction in the sweat glands.

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The pregnancy test, that moment of truth all future mummies yearn for and fear. But when is the best moment to take it?

How to get pregnant is probably not a secret for you. However, you can increase your chances with CaptainMums’ tips for getting pregnant!

You want to have a baby, so you’re reading about ovulation kits, ovulation calculators, fertile windows… But what if you have irregular periods?

Getting pregnant with PCOS: Is it possible, or should I start coming to terms with the fact that I won’t be able to be a mother?

Over the last few years, researchers have worked on identifying signs of autism in toddlers. Getting an early diagnosis of such a mental condition may be essential to minimise its effects in adulthood.

Your little one is not a baby anymore, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop looking for development milestones!

Your gorgeous toddler is changing so fast! Before you know it, he is going to reach the 15 month old milestones, another fascinating stage in a toddler's development.

The 18 month old milestones will surprise you by just how much your toddler is able to grow and develop in a matter of weeks.

As bad as it may sound, kids have their own way to coerce you: pestering. “Mum, I want this! Please, please, if you don't buy it, I'll cry”.

As a parent, you need to understand the importance of healthy snacks for kids, as well as how to use these 'mini meals' to ensure that they get all the nutrition they need.

Fussy eaters can wreak havoc with mealtime. As they grow up, kids can feel like not having a bite to eat, which can be really frustrating.

Past the most innocent stage of your baby's life, you will probably have to face kid swearing.

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Courtney12nevin added a reply in discussion My bump hasn't grown... yesterday

I'm nearly 8 months and look about 4 months pregnant I'm only starting to grow now your bump will grow when it's ready there isn't any panic you wont be complaining for the right reasons when it comes !

Courtney12nevin is now ranked up to New Member... ! yesterday
Courtney12nevin started a new discussion Hips!!... yesterday

Having bad pains in my hips can barley walk sometimes was told it's all natural and it'll pass after the baby is born but I'm terribly uncomfortable anybody with the same or have anything they'd recommend to sloth the pain paracetamol doesn't work at all for me...

Mihaela Furdui shared a photo. yesterday
caoimheshane added a reply in discussion Feeling awful ... yesterday

Hi was that bad I was in a wheelchair and on morphine so I didn't go into early labour I couldn't even wash my self it was horrible but well worth it Ask your consultant for something to help the pain they should b able to help also get transferred for hydro therapy and acupuncture xx...

abi1212 added a new comment in Possible causes of stomach pain in babies yesterday

I have settled my baby with severe tummy ache with the help of Baby magic tea which worked wonder.

abi1212 added a new comment in Top 6 sickness in babies yesterday

For all type of tummy troubles in infants, babies magic tea works amazingly. I have settled my baby's constipation and reflux problems with the help of this organic tea.

abi1212 added a new comment in How to relieve baby hiccups yesterday

Babies magic tea is an organic herbal supplement best for newborns with acid reflux, colic and gas. I have been using the tea for both my babies and got very good results.

abi1212 added a new comment in All you need to know about morning sickness yesterday

I was in horrible condition due to severe nausea/sickness all the day and night up to week 11 and then started drinking No to morning sickness tea which ended up my sickness.

My little one was colicky and was very fussy all the time night and day. I tried a bunch of remedies and nothing worked to soothe him completely. Then, a friend told me about a tea called Babies magic tea which worked amazingly and settled my colicky added a reply in discussion Getting organised... 2 days ago

micro size nappies and size 1 nappies...

Annija added a reply in discussion Getting organised... 4 days ago

Hello. I had with me... For baby: Hat Vest 3x Full body 3x (long sleeves and legs) Pampers sensitive size 1 (small pack for newborns) Baby wipes Catton balls (to clean eyes) Warm socks Scratch mittens Nice clothing to go home Your own blanket for baby If bottle feeding then bottles with right size bibs and formula. (I have no idea a...

I want to thank the author of this article and first of all CaptainMum's forum because there is always a lot of useful knowledge here. If you want some additional sources of information follow the link.

I agree, it is widespread problems among future mums. Safe God, we had a doctor, who knew what and when we should do all the tests. If you need such doctor, you can find him here!

Thanks for these useful pieces of advice, I hope this article will help many people as well as it helped me. When we had problems we used to search here with all the information concerning this problem.

Thank you so much, this article was very useful for me and for my wife! We also found all necessary information here!

anniep1980 added a reply in discussion My bump hasn't grown... 7 days ago

Try not to worry. My last (first) pregnancy both me and my sister were pregnant at the same time and every time people commented on my sisters bump shed tell them I was pregnant too. They'd look at me as if to say "really?". It was only from about 7 months that I started to show anything and even by the time my daughter came along I didn't have a h...

Rebeccabex7 shared a photo. 1 week ago
Jessicaa2218 added a reply in discussion My bump hasn't grown... 1 week ago

Same as the other replies I wouldn't worry, I'm 23 weeks pregnant and until about 4 weeks ago you could of mistaken me as slightly chubby/bloated, I've just popped in the last 2 weeks, everyone's different. My sister didn't start showing properly until 26 weeks All the best x...

Samysho added a reply in discussion My bump hasn't grown... 1 week ago

Wouldn't worry, I didn't show til I was 7 months pregnant, ...

hotmummy21 started a new discussion pains ... 1 week ago

im 22 weeks and five day with my second child i have experience all different pains and the baby is fine she boot alot but im just wondering any other mum is experience the same pain as me...

Hi guys I'm due for my second baby girl on 23rd November 2016 I was wondering not sure if it's aloud on here but I'm not with my baby's father and... Show more




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